Bringing the Alternative Old Web back to you, one member at a time!
WE ARE LIVE!! Welcome to a new land of fantasy and magic...

Welcome to The Sparklepack!

We are a brand new, indie, nonprofit social media project aiming to bring back the Old Web, and with it, a family.

We aim to cultivate a little place away from the bustling, impersonal atmosphere of modern social media websites, away from bigots and bullies.
We just want to have fun, and we want YOU to have fun, too!

Despite our rainbowy exterior, here in The Sparklepack we welcome:
Scene Kids
Furries/Funny Animals
Anyone else who finds a home here!
Have a question? Send us an ask on our Official Tumblr blog!
We hope to see you soon!

But what's it all about?

Are YOU tired of the corporatization and impersonality of the internet in the modern world? Do YOU wish we went back to the early 2000s, where the web was your own place to express yourself, unapologetically?

Truth be told, we don't have a time machine, BUT we do have a place where you can meet people with likeminded thoughts, share your interests, and be true to yourself. Here in the Sparklepack, we aim to bring back the homey feel of personal websites and internet forums.

We are indie, non-profit, and entirely aimed towards community. We refuse to ever monetize this project, for it is a passion project of ours and something we willingly developed FOR us, and for you. We value transparency towards our users above all else.
Our forums are hosted by ProBoards, our site hosted by Neocities (you're here right now!), and our server hosted by Discord.

We are ran by Evilform and Sparklefur.

In our forums and server, we aim to cultivate a space that is safe for people from all walks of life. We are aimed towards counterculture subcultures (punk, emo, scene, rave), live and are ran by PLURR. We have a no-tolerance rule for abusers, bigots, and other sorts of malicious persons. As part of the two R's in PLURR, Responsibility and Respect, our spaces are not for you.

Stay cool, stay furry, stay sparkly!

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